Ophelis sum is a light and flexible furniture system.
With three core elements – a base, a screen, and a pillow – you can playfully design a variety of seating furniture arrangements. The compilations form microarchitectonic islands in space. The system allows one-sided, opposing, as well as L, T, and X configurations.
The design of ophelis sum is clearly modular and additive and plays with deconstruction and remix. The combination of the three core elements in conjunction with frame color and fabric selection results in an enormous number of possible variations.

For ophelis , 2016
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New key elements for our modular furniture system docks. Corner, diagonal, and armrest modules expand the range of configuration options. Various chairs and stools are used as mobile furniture that makes it possible to create open or semi-open suites of furniture in an even more flexible way. The new Highbench, which functions as a meeting point and a standing workplace, offers endless chaining and can be fully electrified. The compact version of docks makes it possible to create areas apart from the office islands. It is a perfect supplement for hallways, work and reception areas with limited floor space.

The modules were created using the same design language as the docks system. Mobile seating furniture completes the existing islands. The ‘fixed’ configurations have an architectural quality, whereas the new chairs and stools can either be added flexible or used as stand-alone pieces.

for ophelis, 2014


The ultra-slim, lightweight, self-supporting structure of this lamp is equipped with 16 OLED panels and provides functional lighting for conference rooms.

Material: plastic housing, stainless steel surfaces (gold plated)

with Werner Aisslinger

concept, design, implementation planning


Docks is a modular furniture system that can be combined in various ways to create different office islands. As a communal furniture, docks can be both a meeting place and interface as well as a retreat for relaxation and concentration.
The individual modules may be arranged independently on the carrying base. They can be used either to provide acoustic and visual privacy or to create open-plan meeting areas. The possible combinations of the elements are extremely flexible and versatile. Included cable channels allow complete electrification and grid connection. The elements are designed to match the dimensions of ophelis furniture, so that shelves and cabinets can be integrated seamlessly.

Module Dimensions: length varies (from 30 to 135 cm), depth 90 cm
Material: aluminum, oak veneer, HPL, upholstery

with Björn Meier
for ophelis, 2013


An unconventional hotel concept in the vibrant center of Berlin. Together with the adventurous owner we have pursued the idea of ​​creating a place where the guests feel at home. Since its opening in 2009, the Michelbergerhotel has undergone a tremendous popularity.

Total floor area: 4000 m2
120 rooms / 350 beds

as project manager
for Studio Aisslinger

concept, design, implementation planning


A soft and fluent designed monomaterial lighting collection with an intense indirect light and an overall organic friendly and sculptural approach. The base is at the same time a bowl to collect precious objects which are displayed and highlighted in the lightcone.

at Studio Aisslinger.
for B.Lux


A screen system. The translucent and modular elements of Mesh divide open architectural spaces without establishing a completely opaque separation. The textile modules form a lightweight honeycomb structure which can be extended indefinitely. One can form walls or organic spaces that are interwoven in a simple and minimalist way.
Three types of light honeycomb modules are knitted in a high-tech process, three-dimensionally warped by heat and then stiffened.

Module dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
Material: 3D-shaped knitted fabric

with Werner Aisslinger

concept, design, implementation


Design of a stand for Marc O´Polo at pitti immagine, Florence (Italy), 2007. On 400sqm floor space we have designed a walkable sound and light installation (lobby, product presentation, lounge).

Total floor area: 400 m2

as project manager
for Studio Aisslinger


A microarchitectural space. In offices, lofts or lobbies, it describes a translucent and osmotic room that still has all the positive characteristics of an architectural unit. The first domes were built for the exhibition “EU+” at Designmai in Berlin. The Microdome is made of 5 different types of honeycomb modules.

Dimensions: height + diameter 2.5 m.
Material: polystyrene foam
Production: 3D waterjet cut

for Studio Aisslinger.

concept, design, implementation


A modular lighting concept. The modules of Lightwave can be combined in various configurations to pixel-like light carpets. The communal lighting object is designed in such a way that the curved outlines create a 3D shape that allows endless addition of modules – creating together a fluent movement of convex/concave shapes.

Module dimensions: 50 x 50 cm
Material: 3D molded acrylic glass

with Werner Aisslinger

concept, design, implementation